Just one Earth

“Will we arise in our time at the dawn of another meaning?
Will we awake at the break of a Great Hosanna?”

– From the song ‘Great Hosanna’ by Kula Shaker

“There is no such thing as a free lunch.” Most people would not think to apply this idiom to the health of the planet. But as one of biologist Barry Commoner reminds us that “Everything is connected with everything else” and “Everything goes somewhere”, it is about time that we realize where ‘we’ are heading! We need to realize the fact that things we do is a threat to man’s only home.

We are astronauts—all of us. We ride a spaceship called Earth on its endless journey around the sun. This ship of ours is blessed with life-support systems so ingenious that they are self-renewing, so massive that they can supply the needs of billions. But sadly, for centuries we have taken them for granted, considering their capacity limitless. 

Scientists agree that we are in trouble. Unless we stop abusing our vital life-support systems, they will fail. We must maintain them, or pay the penalty. The penalty is death!

Each of us holds a different key to unlocking a common solution and clearing the smog of ignorance that hangs heavy over the future of our existence.


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