Me and My Jeans.

Me and My favourite pair of Jeans.
Pre-Script : I promise I’ll K.I.S.S.
I can’t tell you what we both have been through, countless seasons, numerous years, mom’s constant ranting about how hidious my ‘buddy’ (and me in it) looks. But I love it, not only because of the fact that its just the most awesome piece of clothing ever but also the fact that Mom doesn’t realise my attachment to MY favourite denim. And I can’t explain how many unforgettable experiences and bewildering entourage of unending ‘good times’ (as I like to call it) it holds in its every thread.
We’ve been together for some 5 years now, give or take, yet I never get tired of putting it on and going about doing my mundane activities. It gives me immense pleasure, just to feel the divine yarn that God Himself created with due time so that it could unleash upon the world a high degree of…
Wait for it..
Yeah, too much ‘Barney’ these days. For those who found the expression completely pointless, just ignore it, it’s a little something from a TV series called ‘How I met your Mom’.
Well, back to my jeans. Its fading away into the oblivion and so I planned a tribute to make myself feel happy for the good times that we had together and the awe-aspiring time it’ll have in the future to come. To name a few of our experiences would be unjust to all the others, so I’ll keep my silence. With this, I immortalize you! Be cool, be Awesome! I would have sung you a lullaby but its getting dark now and I’ve got to go.
With this I’ll end my tribute to my friend, to my partner in crime, my accomplice, my friend in time of need.
Post-Script : Also, I kept my promise to (K)eep (I)t (S)hort & (S)weet.
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