Who is the weaker sex!?

My friend of the opposite sex asked whether it is okay for a guy to keep insulting you in a sarcastic way, constantly saying that you’re boring, not appreciating the efforts you’ve put in towards a relationship and is sarcastically rude most of the time.


To this I’d say, yes, it is indeed perfectly natural. Now, I am no psychiatrist but I’m a man of logic and science. And to this I put forward this explanation. Enjoy!


Men need to know that they are superior to the weaker sex. Although, if you ask me, men have been under the false notion that they are the stronger sex, as I strongly feel that, the weaker sex is actually the stronger sex because they are apparently the weakness of the stronger sex, hence, you ladies have been very cunning all these years. We’ve been fooled all this time, decades, and centuries even. It is times like these that the famous Doordarshan slogan ventures my mind, ‘Jaago Grahak Jaago’.


So, the thing is, yes, in a relationship, men insult women, casually of course, about trivial things cause they want to know that they hold ground. They insult their better half and in return, the ‘weaker’ sex, being as always, “cunning” keeps them under the false impression that they’re the one leading. When the time comes though, bam!! They’re all over you, because God gave the ‘weaker’ sex a too-good weapon to tackle the still weaker, i.e., the stronger sex! And that weapon my friend has led to the demise of great kingdoms. Many a tales have confirmed to this, some known, some not spoken of and some in the making.

So it is high time that we change the current trend and make this sexist society a better place to live. There are plenty many instances where I feel, we need to bring about change:


  • Allow Men’s night (free entry) in clubs
  • Make Gilette Shave Gel Ad free of Women
  • Make a separate section that says ‘MEN ONLY’ in all public buses
  • As stated well by Saif Ali Khan in the movie ‘Love Aaj Kal’ (which I felt was an awesome movie, however, many friends of mine disagree to the extent that they’d kill me if I publicize this) that the name of the ‘Girl’ always comes first in a desi love story.


While, there are plenty many instances to this menace, I’d limit myself to a few. With this my dear reader, I’d put the panel of decision in your hands, be the voice of reason and decide for yourself, who is the weaker sex!?

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