The Ugly Truth!?

Dear Female Readers,

                If you’ve seen the movie – ‘The Ugly Truth’ then you’d be made to feel that all we men want is a good ol’…err… since that’s not the point here, I’d say, we want time when we’re part of an argument. We won’t talk about it because we’re upset and we won’t stand any cheering up either, infact an attempt upsets us further. The fact that we need time is because we need time to sort things out and realise we’ve been a fool, a fool to disrespect our women, the one who cares for us the most. When that happens then it comes around.

Now if our ladies become all quiet and serious after the ‘not’ so successful attempt to cheer us up, then we’d feel lower still thinking that we upset you’ll too! The thing is, men don’t want anyone to comfort ’em, specially their leading ladies you know… We’re all butch, 6-pack, Frank Miller’s 300 version of Leonidas (which I feel Gerard Butler did awesome-ly). So sometimes, the comforting, especially of the kiddie kind is bound to tickle our anti-funny bone.

Now, you’d deliberately argue saying, “so SAY that, just say that you want to think stuff over inside your head and then calm down and then talk”. But we won’t! We men are the self-proclaimed version of the alpha and the omega; we won’t justify ‘stuff’ to the apparent ‘weaker sex’, let alone explain! That’s probably because we don’t know what the ‘stuff’ is and when asked you ladies simply answer ‘things’ which are again a bigger mystery and we, by this time regret facing a mystery far more treacherous and inevitably un-important, and that pisses us even further. Grrr…!!

As I’ve understood from Mel Gibson’s ‘What Women Want’ is the fact that even women themselves don’t know what they want and men apparently know what they want, but we won’t tell because if we do, you’d know ‘the’ secret and then we won’t be the so-called ‘stronger sex’. With this thought, I’d like to pull my hair and run around in circles.

Till next time. Ciao!

PS : I’ve been using ‘Ciao’ quite often since the time I realised that it is Ciao and not ‘Chow’, the prior looks cooler.


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