All That Jazz.

Shakespeare said, “If music be the food of love, play on… Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting, the appetite may sicken and so die…”
Music soothes the soul, they say, and for once, “they” are right. Some song in your mp3 player shall certainly catch your mood! Be it love’s first brush or just a crush, when your insides feel like slush and you start to love mush, what do you love to do more than listen to soft romantic numbers? And then again, be it a broken heart or a broken watch, the one thing that can help you beat the blues is music.
Like spice is to food, music is to life. It is the colouring vital to life’s otherwise black and white dreariness. Music has a tendency to turn into noise so it must be handled carefully.
Music is one of man’s oldest forms of expression. It is a primal instinct. Drums were as integral to ancient African tribal rituals as they are to the latest post-modern hard rock number. Its musical preference is a defining characteristic of every generation. Be it Hindi Cinema or World Music, each decade in the past fifty years or so has been marked with a particular brand of music, and often even one or two music directors/singers/songwriters who were the face of music in that era. We even categorize people depending upon the kind of music they listen to and love: the rap players, the hard-metal lizards, the classical freaks, the rock stars and so on and so forth.
Music is the friend who completely understands you. When surrounded by it, you can hear it echo your pain, your hurt, your anger, your confusion, your sorrow, your guilt, your madness, your ecstasy or even your indescribable joy. I can bet you’ll find your soul mate somewhere on the road between Beethoven and The Beatles. Whether you like the volume pumped up, blasting your eardrums (and those of your roomie, wingie, et al) as you head bang to every beat, or you prefer lying on the soft grass in isolation from the world with only an apple and an iPod for company, music stirs your soul.
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