January 09, 2010

03:30 AM

I was watching ‘How I Met Your Mom’ the other day and came across and very interesting fact. Have you ever noticed how sure people are when they’re talking about some event from the past. For instance, they’d say, ‘A funny thing happened to me three years ago..’ or ‘Yeah, I remember, I met this girl two years back in the winter of 2007’, or sometimes as absurd as, ‘She was my mom’s friend and nine years back she and I played poker’. Well, what I don’t get is how people are so certain of the time an event took place. When, this not-so-relevant thing popped in my head, I tried to look back at the week and tried to visualize what I did last Thursday, the only thing popped in my mind was..



Well, total darkness, apart from the touch of mundane gaiety. I hope this doesn’t mean that I live an irksome life; it is just that I don’t seem to remember the day, unless something extra-ordinary happens unlike my ‘worthy’ counterpart Ted, Lily, Marshall, Barney & Robin. Ah…Robin! When I look back at the year 2009, I recall a handful of great experiences with great friends, Friends who were a surprise. People, who I never thought I’d be so good friends with. It was a surprise – a good one. When I look back I see my ultimate party weekend, the sandy beaches, the unending booze night, great company, awesome dance floor, chaos that ruled our time. It was a lifetime, it was ‘real’. To this day, I wonder, how things would have been if not like this. I’m happy about the turn of events. And for this, I thank Him. Whosoever is ‘up’ there, sure loves each one of us. Some realize this, some fail to. I pray for the once who are still blind to His light.

Its 3:40 AM in the morning and I feel I should close now.

It’s Been a good day. Miss Ma & PA. Love ’em 🙂

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