Blood & The Smiley Ball

Our college has these periodical arrangements for blood donation camps, as if, they themselves don’t suck it enough. Well, I’m not a big fan of ‘blood’, looks good on the TV, sounds cool when you’re hearing gunshots, but the real story is something different. Still, with the pure intention of bunking the class and a tiny inner gleam of community work, I set off for the mission to donate blood. The proceedings followed the usual and before I knew it, my veins (or arteries, whatever) were pumping blood out of my hand through a needle that was IN me, and as if to mock me, “the-modern-vampire-blood-suckers” aka the Doctors gave me a ball with a smiley on it to squeeze to keep the flow continous, I didn’t get this, I didn’t understand what was the hurry about? I mean, I was there, I had no intention of going back to the stupid-boring-lecture, why was the ball required??
Ironical enough, blood was being sucked away from my body as that useless Smiley-Ball started me straight into the eye. What all stuff you’ve gotta do to bunk a lecture.
Peace Out!

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