The Extended Weekend

Never though it would be this much fun, never thought this nostalgia will come knocking ‘this’ door. But it happened and I want to make this official by writing it down here, so that we read, remember and whenever and that is if, we forget read again and again and love the ‘love’ we shared.

Day 1 – Jul 24-Jul 25 : Yes, Day was two days. heehee..sounds funny but is true. Nandi hill started off at 03:30 am in the morning. With the better part of the day spent sleeping. Nandi Hills – The paramount of the trip. Man it was freakin’ chilly. Had an awesome time with the rain, the clouds, the loving company. Later the same night, we were joined by the duo – Franky & Shilpz.

Day 2 – Jul 26 : Monday : ‘Baba’ bought this amazing looking stud shoes. Great thing being he bought another for his dad. Now that’s awesome. Sad that he lost and was the lowest scorer in the amazing bowling sessions we had at amoeba. DDR declared me and Appu as legends. I still don’t get it how my bhangra did the trick. ZeroG was a surprise with only we 10 at the dance floor, we had it exclusive 😉 Getting caught was never this fun. With an attitude like Franky’s, the bouncer stepped short of chucking out of the club. Head-banging was never this fun. The only glitch was us missing Lasagne at ‘The Only Place’ 😦

Day 3 – Jul 27 : Tuesday : Wonderla babey! What else can say apart from the fact that, it made Vish’s & mine fever turn the other way round on the thermometer. It started off from 101, slid down to 100 after the first ride, and normal after the second. What better way to end the day then to head to the ‘kohinoor’ restaurant for the showdown of mouth-watering food. The settlement session was headed by our very own ‘Randi-Orton’ – who is now our official

Day 4 – Jul 28 : Wednesday : Nostalgia – The ‘love’, the ‘brotherhood’, the ‘company’, the ‘sharing’, the ‘laughter’, the ‘crying’, the ‘fighting’, the ‘running’, the ‘screaming’, the ‘enjoyment’, the 4-days is making me write this. I love you guys. I love you all. Missing you all.

Randi Orton


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