Being Pointless

It’s a funny world out there. Full of surprises, full of hopes, full of things you want to do in life, things that you once wished you’d do for the rest of your life, things that you do now (ones that you long back craved a chance to do). Life is funny and at times, very distant in terms of people, in terms of the opportunities that you’ve come across.

I love my life right now and I’d like to live it the way it is now. But eventually it is going to get  better and for that to happen, it has got to get worse. It’s true! It is, definitely, not a lecture on life and how to live it, I am nowhere near to even qualify, to comment on something of the sort. It’s just an observation from my perspective.

And the ‘worsening’ part is not limited to your life being torn apart to shreds, well in most cases, it’s not even close. The mystical ass-whooping that everyone gets at a point of time, comes in mysterious ways. It’s a 70s conspiracy theory meet 90s assassination meet the present day 2012 theory. And on the ‘2012’ bombshell, why bother if all this is going to end! Man! Isn’t this all a waste? – The slogging off at work, constant abuses from your boss, meticulous preparations for exams.

Amidst the nonsense, a simple question makes you wonder, makes you work hard, every day! It asks, “What if..? What if 2012 is a hoax? What if, this is not what you’ve wanted all along? What if this is not what you’ve dreamt all along? What if, there’s something out there for you, something that you’re still to discover? What if, you still await –Your calling?”

This is what I love about blogging. A space, where there’s a one-way communication. I know, what I wrote just now would have been plain crap! It could’ve been a series a discussion, one after the other, pointing out the irregularities of topics, the no-sense making sentences. But I love talking to a computer-screen sometimes, watching the words being written as I hit some keys on the keyboard. It makes me stop, stare and wonder sometimes how miraculous it is.

It’s a nice night =)

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