Exam Eve.. Ah..!!

As we’ve approached the eve of my last mid-term-paper, I can’t help but wonder all the other stuff around me. There’s something about exam times, makes you find the amazing in mundane. I love it, how I like to clean, shave for a change, give clothes at the laundry, collect clothes from the laundry and what not. Mother would’ve been so proud! Anyways, to sum it up, I feel one must answer life’s big question, find solutions to never ending problems, take major life altering decisions only when you’ve got a paper due tomorrow morning and you know nothing, I repeat, nothing about the subject.


Now, to list a few things that I want to do right now but surprisingly won’t do tomorrow same time is,

1) Go out into the night clicking pictures

2) Read about the subject and assess my performance of the paper I took today

3) Find out the Google-Story

4) Read the novel – ‘Shantaram’

5) Clean my desk

6) Shave

7) Clean clothes at the laundry

This feeling of ‘not-knowing’ sets you free, to venture in the unknown, to try and figure out how you’ll reach your goal. Isn’t this the same, the way great Alexander felt before his first invasion? Isn’t this the same, the way great knights feel before heading over to rescue the princess, slay the dragon, and bring honour to thy self?

I too, set to venture in my unknown, even though, I will not slay a dragon, I will not receive a kiss from my the princess, but I’d sure fight my way to numerous sums, formulae(s), slay some problems, get some marks (pun-intended 😛 ) and rush my way to victory. Because, in the end it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, what matters is “Where’s the booze party!?”

One thing I know I would love to do – be it an exam eve or not – is blog. Talking to my 15″ Laptop screen, see words forming, see my hands hovering over little keys and write a piece of my mind. Ah… I like it!

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