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Easier said than done, it’s never a comfortable ride to go headfirst into something that you ‘think’, you ‘might’ wanna do for the rest of your life. I’m an amateur photographer and I’ve realised that photography is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Working, learning and gaining experience is what I aspire to do right now, because, honestly, there’s a lot that goes into making a snapshot of time, immortal.I was in the process of sending out emails to check if some pro-photographer would be interested in taking me as an intern. Following the obvious track of imagination, I asked myself, what if.. what if they agree and ask me to start working for them as an intern, full time! Would I be in a position to take the plunge into the unknown and start doing something that I’ve never done before but love to do, or would I be too scared to let go of one steady bread winning source? And then I got a little sad. Why? Because, I’ve always thought that once I knew what I would want to do, what I would want to be, in life, I would give away everything and venture into the abyss of self-realization. (I know, big words! But, apt to define the confused state of my mind). Realisation is a pain, that drives around you, lurking to jump in to break the monotony of happiness and crush the one sense of “I’ve figured it out”. Truth be told, it’s not that easy, but then again, what is! The myth that I lived with all my life, claiming “I want to be a software engineer” from the time I didn’t even know what being a software engineer was all about, has come to an end. Not that I did not enjoy the field of IT (wherein I’m a kick-ass developer), but somehow, writing codes never did give me the pleasure to look beyond the obvious and do something more than what’s been asked for. Computers will always be my first love, but now, my camera is my mistress and its so-much-more fun.

I hope there comes a time, when I look back, and read this piece and think about how I wrote this instead of writing codes on my desk, at the office. And I pray, that when the time comes, I have enough courage (because let’s face it, we’ll never have enough resources), to let go off of my safe house and answer my calling of a life full of adventure.

Ambitious much? Nah! Just wishful. So so wishful. And yeah, scared.

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