The Idea of ‘Right’

It’s tough to be in a spot from where the world looks nothing but grey. The fine line between the black and the white is seldom ‘fine’, rather, its a mix of everything that you wished was right but isn’t. How often has it happened that you did what you thought was right, but wasn’t really.

However, the whole idea of being right/wrong/neutral – isn’t all of that relative?

Yes! I agree, the society sets the standard that condemns an act as ‘virtuous’ and the other  ‘wicked’. The idea of ‘right’ is debatable. No? If that was not the case, why would someone kill, for the need of it! It’s supposedly right for him/her, right? I’m a big fan of the TV series ‘Dexter‘ and I think the character just rules! (And kicks all kinds of ass). The fact that he’s cleaning up all kinds of trash from the society sounds like he’s the best goddam social worker ever. Again! The idea of ‘right’ is at debate here.

How is it that someone is engineered to have this instinct to kill! And to him/her, the idea of ‘right’ is relatively different to how we believe the society works. This is just an instance where the idea of ‘right’ is being challenged by a individual/group/clan.


I’m a believer in the concept of ‘God’ and the fact that He has made man in his own image is   something that is hard to gulp. How can you flaw an individual to be hated by the society for his personal interpretation of ‘right’. Makes me an atheist sometimes. And I tend not to think beyond this point. Why? I have something to believe in and I don’t mind thanking Someone when things go right and ask for strength in the time of trial. Helps me grow. Helps me stay mortal.


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