The Changing India

“We are at the dawn, the dawn of a new India”

Every time I hear something of the sort kills a little part of me inside. We’ve been at this supposed-to-be ‘dawn’ for over 5 decades now. No argument, we have definitely learnt from our mistakes in the past, worked towards a technologically strong infrastructure to keep up with the time and do much more. We have one of the fastest/biggest growing economy in the world. We’re in the process of doing good and thereon, great.

What I do not understand is the lack of trust among the people in the nation, in India. “Mera Bharat Mahaan!” is being used more in a satirical form rather than the spirit it was meant to be used in. The only time I see everyone in the country unite is during a cricket match!

Now, when I say “the nation”, I do not mean the government. Fuck the government! No matter who is up there, the complaining will not stop ever. Maybe, that is how democracy is supposed to work. Maybe, due to the insanely huge hierarchical setup, the system has got to corrupt at a couple of spots. I do not understand how most of it works, so the gurus can explain all this better.

The media is swooped with the recent incidents involving a 23 year old in Delhi. It is tragic. That is the age group that I belong to. To think of one of our own having gone through an experience like that is heartbreaking. I will never understand what can urge a human being to let go of all humanity within oneself and commit to something so heinous.

Following the grotesque event, numerous occasions of protests have not been dealt with properly by the government as well. But what they do not seem to understand is that India is sensible. Acts of public protests are not done for kicks. What we lack is the follow through. And that too, in itself, is inevitable. The schools will not be closed forever, offices won’t let their employees to join in the don’t-know-when-it’s-going-to-end struggle for ending corruption and if the college going students, have their way, well, it’ll be a semester long affair with no results, and they’ll still be pumped up for more as long as it means bunking classes. We’ve seen movements led by Anna Hazare fail to accomplish the ultimate goal. The demand for justice by numerous activists among whom, Arvind Kejriwal is probably most heard-of has been convincing but not effective.

Is the government really so thick! Is it really this obstinate and imperviable to the change suggested by them, who have put the government where they are now!

But in all sense of the word, India is changing and India is rising. India WANTS change! The safety of a woman is one of many fights that young India is fighting for and willing to make a stand for. And it has its revolution backed by the social media, the networking and infinite number of platforms using which ‘spirit’ can be put to words, images. And eventually, India will get what it rightly deserves. The fight for ‘freedom’ has never been a one day affair and this is no different. Yes, the revolution may re-flux but it’ll keep coming back, with force greater than ever imagined before. It may take a year, or maybe ten, but the fight for a better tomorrow is a fight that will be fought with all that one has to offer.

Some years down the line, I wish/hope/want to read this blog entry again and feel the difference around me. Change is not an event, it’s a process. And the change in India will take due time to complete it’s course.

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