Naina. Day 2.

But He had other plans and was convinced that Naina had a calling that was above and beyond her plans. It is funny how sometimes someone somewhere is so convinced about some things! She was taken at an age of 15, without a hint of struggle. The wise ones said “She slept into the night”. For the family, it was hard to fathom the incomprehensible loss of the young, as it always is, and this time as well it was no different. Naina’s mother, Priya, was inconsolable and would just pray for her to come back home. It seemed forever since she’s been gone as if her existence was not just a figment of her imagination. Her Dada, well, he lost faith. As a child, Naina would ask her father while lying in his arms, “Dada, why do stars twinkle?” and he would reply saying, “… because they smile back at you”, and then he will tell Naina the story about how God created this world and then the stars to make sure no one ever forgets to smile. And on this, she would smile and dive her head deep into Dada’s chest. For him, God was now, just a myth.


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