This is my first photo story ever. I had the inception of this idea sometime around in December of 2012. I was sure as who would be my model and it took me sometime to finally get the timings right. But after everything, it is done. The story of Naina. With every post, a little more about her would be knows. Her tryst with destiny and the outcomes.

Day 1.

Meet Naina. A fallen angel convinced that life was full of everything bright, sunny and colorful. She had plans, to roam around the world, see every sunrise from every city and sleep in the arms of the night with stars to keep her company. She had hopes, to become the light that was so needed for this naïve world. She knew she’d grow beyond the seldom celebrated happiness in the mundane. She was special.

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    A beautiful photo story which will unfold with time. Follow!/AbhishekAnupamPhotography?fref=ts and stay tuned 🙂

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