Day 6

As soon as she enters, her once castle of memories, which is now a distant world, she realizes the kid inside her. She finds the one place which always gave her a sense of ‘home’, the rug beneath her bed where she hid, believing that no monster, no fear can ever catch hold of her. It was her place of comfort. It is amusing how kids find comfort in small things, a sense of safety, a feeling of ‘belonging’. In so many days, Naina was finally home!


‘My Time Machine’, is what she referred to her collection of items that were precious to her. Naina always told her Dada, why she wanted to collect all that was special to her, she would say, “It’s my time machine. It’ll take me to the time that I treasure the most”. Dada would smile and hug her in his arms thinking how precious was this child to him.


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