Day 11

It was time, time for Naina to go. She knew what would follow, a pull from up above the heavens so strong, that even the idea of holding on to a mortal-possession seemed futile. Naina was summoned back to where her future purpose would be served. But she knew that her visit had made a difference, not just for Naina herself but it changed Priya & Dada’s life as well. She was now glad that it all came full circle and she said her goodbyes.



This was the end. Naina was a little uncertain how would He react to her breaking the rules of the afterlife but was sure that she’ll be forgiven; after all, Naina was quite His favourite. Her destiny would now be revealed to her. God has a plan for everyone, a fact that Naina was an example of.

The lights grew dim and the lift had become stronger. In the final moments, she couldn’t help but smile.


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