A software engineer in Bangalore who has realised that photography is what he’s interested in and wants to do for the rest of his life. Life lived so far, has been an unintentional mistake. At the dawn of new and exciting changes and self-realisation, I pen down everything here. Pictures, Life experiences and topics that amuse me, all here.

A self taught photographer, living in Bangalore, India. I believe capturing a moment through a picture is by far the best mode of time travel there is. I’ve been trying to collect those moments through my lens for quite sometime now and wish to do the same forever.

For me, a photograph is a powerful medium of expression, thought, manifestation, realisation. The photographer, I believe is the master who dictates the course a picture takes and the emotion there on conveyed. A constant learner that I am, for me, exploration is a never ending process and so is the attainment of perfection. So far, my area of explorations have included, Wildlife, Fashion, Landscapes and Portraits.

I’m a huge Batman fan! And that’s all I have to say about that.

Interested in movies directed by Martin Scorsese, he’s probably the most versatile director out there, and the way he captures the mundane is something spectacular.

A drummer by passion and a guitarist by nature, I listen to all the genres, ranging from Classic Rock to Trance! And recently tried my hand at a bit of console mixing.

A dreamer by choice. Loving it, so far.


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