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Rowling’s Fringe Benefits of Failure

The fringe benefits of failure has always been a source of inspiration, hope and belief that if you want something to work out and are ready to give in all you got, then it will eventually work out for sure.

But times have changed since the last time I read the essay. I find her as mystical as her characters that my generation grew up with, the writer of the brilliant series of ‘Harry Potter’, J K Rowling. I say the times have changes because the last time I read it, I was at a 9-to-5 job, frustrated out of the tasteless work I was doing, and completely oblivious to the fact that things were about to get better. I guess, we’re always oblivious. I’m sure, things ahead will work out for the best if I’m honest towards my work.

Back then when I read this beautiful lecture that Rowling gave at Harvard, it made me feel so weak. Not because, I couldn’t do what she’s done, but I was looking at myself, and I knew what I had to do but lacked the courage to take a step forward.

I always felt that when I found my calling, the one I was sent here to do, I would give away everything else and jump into the unknown to find it. Here, I was, knowing photography is what I wanted to do and learn the art, but I couldn’t let go of my work and go do it! That was not a very comfortable phase in my life.

Not that I couldn’t get things done where in was working, I was in fact doing a really good job, but every morning when I woke up, the question stared my face every time. I kept asking myself what’s the purpose of all this. Now, don’t misunderstand me for a fool who take risks that are way beyond human comprehension. I was determined that I would make a change and for the same, there had to be a plan.

Now, the funny thing about a plan is, it’s execution. More often than not, what seems like a brilliant plan up in your mind, often comes short outside it. So, there were changes, improvisations and above all, the one thing that always kills joy, the wait!

Being patient is not my thing. Getting-panic-attacks-out-of-excitement-and-fear, that’s more like it!

But then, things slowly started to fall in their place and one fine day I was all assured that I should quit the 9-to-5, and do something to move towards the final destination. Now, the funny thing about this is, is that I still don’t know what the final destination is, but I guess that’s just the part of the journey.

I can’t tell the difference between a weekday and the weekend anymore. It’s either a time when I’m working, or when I’m not, so it’s funny, weird and complicated, all at the same time!

I hope years and years later, I’ll look at this and smile, be proud if the fact that I tried. Success, or not, this will surely be a journey to remember. And success, and/or failure is again, relative if you ask me. Ask me? Yeah, please do.

Give the essay a read here or play this YouTube video from the graduation ceremony.

There are indeed many benefits of failure. I’m not sure if I’ll have the fortune or misfortune of finding every single one of ’em, but I’m sure every single one would teach me things that I’ve not known before and would make every moment a little more special. There are indeed so many fringe benefits of failure.

I end this from an excerpt from her speech which I often read, “You might never fail on the scale I did, but some failure in life is inevitable. It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.”

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Wishful Thinking

Sometimes when I pick up my phone and browse through my contacts list, I cannot help but notice remarkable people in there, who are inspirations, friends, admirers and special. Obviously, there are those who I don’t know personally, like the guy who came to fix my broadband internet connection and gave me his number in case, it stops working again, or, the guy who delivers water barrels to my place. The latter aren’t on my speed-dial however are must-haves for my efficient day-to-day function.

With technology taking a jump in innovation, execution and performance, every day I come across numerous applications that bridge the communication gap across regions and relations. I wish there was an app that could transcend across the living, dead, imaginary, supernatural and the divine. If so, I would have a word with the following greats.

Nikola Tesla – He’s been an inspiration to many generations. A futurist, way ahead of his time, he is the pioneer of the modern alternating current electrical supply system. Tesla believed in the idea of progression and was, therefore, kind-hearted to those who used his patents. You name it, Hydroelectric Power, Radar, X-Rays, Remote Control, Neon Lighting, Wireless Communication, directly or indirectly is the consequence of the work that Tesla did. The unit Tesla is in his honour and is the unit of magnetic induction. If I could, I would ask him the approach, with which he solved a problem, more importantly, the questions he asked himself to vision a better world. I would learn and talk a lot!

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Lord Vishnu – Yes!  Brahma is the creator of the universe and Shiva is the destroyer. Vishnu is the preserver and protector of the universe. His role is to return to the earth in troubled times and restore the balance of good and evil. So far, he has been incarnated nine times! There is no doubt that you must have him in your group of 5, for reasons that include divine wisdom, but his attributes of Jnana (omniscience), Sakti (power), Bala (strength), Aisvarya (lordship), Virya (energy) and Tejas (splendor) could be a never-ending lesson that we can talk about.

Source –

My Grand-Maa – Today, as I look back and think of my childhood, I see her everywhere. She’s always been important to me and will always be. I see her among the stars every night and make sure she’s always in my prayers. I wish she could have been in reach still so I would ask her how it is there in heaven and would confirm that she’s happy. 🙂

Mom & Dad – For me, Mom & Dad are a single entity. Incomplete without the other, I don’t see why they shouldn’t be together here as well. I’ve seen instances where kids forget their roots and leave behind the ones who helped them all the way. Lucky for me, they are on my list and it is fun to have them around, dropping quick texts and pictures to keep me up-to-date with whatever they’re doing.  

Parents to the groom

Mom & Dad

Tyrion Lannister – Okay! So this is pretty obvious, I’m a Game of Thrones buff! But I have my reasons to have this little fellow in my group. Yes, he is cunning, but is kind as well very witty, heartbroken quite many times but never hopeless. An ultimate survivor that he is, he never fails to turn the odds in his favour, with his quick thinking and excellent execution. A good judge of character, I feel I could learn a thing or two about human behaviour from this genius yet underestimated character.

Source –

Ah! Wishful Thinking.

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Being Pointless

It’s a funny world out there. Full of surprises, full of hopes, full of things you want to do in life, things that you once wished you’d do for the rest of your life, things that you do now (ones that you long back craved a chance to do). Life is funny and at times, very distant in terms of people, in terms of the opportunities that you’ve come across.

I love my life right now and I’d like to live it the way it is now. But eventually it is going to get  better and for that to happen, it has got to get worse. It’s true! It is, definitely, not a lecture on life and how to live it, I am nowhere near to even qualify, to comment on something of the sort. It’s just an observation from my perspective.

And the ‘worsening’ part is not limited to your life being torn apart to shreds, well in most cases, it’s not even close. The mystical ass-whooping that everyone gets at a point of time, comes in mysterious ways. It’s a 70s conspiracy theory meet 90s assassination meet the present day 2012 theory. And on the ‘2012’ bombshell, why bother if all this is going to end! Man! Isn’t this all a waste? – The slogging off at work, constant abuses from your boss, meticulous preparations for exams.

Amidst the nonsense, a simple question makes you wonder, makes you work hard, every day! It asks, “What if..? What if 2012 is a hoax? What if, this is not what you’ve wanted all along? What if this is not what you’ve dreamt all along? What if, there’s something out there for you, something that you’re still to discover? What if, you still await –Your calling?”

This is what I love about blogging. A space, where there’s a one-way communication. I know, what I wrote just now would have been plain crap! It could’ve been a series a discussion, one after the other, pointing out the irregularities of topics, the no-sense making sentences. But I love talking to a computer-screen sometimes, watching the words being written as I hit some keys on the keyboard. It makes me stop, stare and wonder sometimes how miraculous it is.

It’s a nice night =)

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To Something Different :)

Today is something! Today is different. Well everyday is, but it is somehow ‘different’. I’m loving it. Maybe, thats because, I got a personal internet connection and now have the world at my finger tips or should I say ‘my keypads’. I’m loving it. I have plans.
Too many.
Too many to keep account of.
So I got myself sticky notes and they keep sticking to my desktop! This is amazing. Technology is awesome.Well, I’d like to mention every thing I’ve set to achieve with this new ‘power’ I’ve bequeathed, expect nobody had to die after I did get it.. 🙂
1.Web Dev
3.Facebook 😛
4. .. .
5.. . .
6.In the making…

Ah…I know it sounds lame, specially after the second point. But I hope it goes good hereon. I’m counting on it. Too many strings attached to this.

With this, I wish everyone Happy Valentines’ Day.
Ciao 🙂

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Me and My Jeans.

Me and My favourite pair of Jeans.
Pre-Script : I promise I’ll K.I.S.S.
I can’t tell you what we both have been through, countless seasons, numerous years, mom’s constant ranting about how hidious my ‘buddy’ (and me in it) looks. But I love it, not only because of the fact that its just the most awesome piece of clothing ever but also the fact that Mom doesn’t realise my attachment to MY favourite denim. And I can’t explain how many unforgettable experiences and bewildering entourage of unending ‘good times’ (as I like to call it) it holds in its every thread.
We’ve been together for some 5 years now, give or take, yet I never get tired of putting it on and going about doing my mundane activities. It gives me immense pleasure, just to feel the divine yarn that God Himself created with due time so that it could unleash upon the world a high degree of…
Wait for it..
Yeah, too much ‘Barney’ these days. For those who found the expression completely pointless, just ignore it, it’s a little something from a TV series called ‘How I met your Mom’.
Well, back to my jeans. Its fading away into the oblivion and so I planned a tribute to make myself feel happy for the good times that we had together and the awe-aspiring time it’ll have in the future to come. To name a few of our experiences would be unjust to all the others, so I’ll keep my silence. With this, I immortalize you! Be cool, be Awesome! I would have sung you a lullaby but its getting dark now and I’ve got to go.
With this I’ll end my tribute to my friend, to my partner in crime, my accomplice, my friend in time of need.
Post-Script : Also, I kept my promise to (K)eep (I)t (S)hort & (S)weet.
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