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The Changing India

“We are at the dawn, the dawn of a new India”

Every time I hear something of the sort kills a little part of me inside. We’ve been at this supposed-to-be ‘dawn’ for over 5 decades now. No argument, we have definitely learnt from our mistakes in the past, worked towards a technologically strong infrastructure to keep up with the time and do much more. We have one of the fastest/biggest growing economy in the world. We’re in the process of doing good and thereon, great.

What I do not understand is the lack of trust among the people in the nation, in India. “Mera Bharat Mahaan!” is being used more in a satirical form rather than the spirit it was meant to be used in. The only time I see everyone in the country unite is during a cricket match!

Now, when I say “the nation”, I do not mean the government. Fuck the government! No matter who is up there, the complaining will not stop ever. Maybe, that is how democracy is supposed to work. Maybe, due to the insanely huge hierarchical setup, the system has got to corrupt at a couple of spots. I do not understand how most of it works, so the gurus can explain all this better.

The media is swooped with the recent incidents involving a 23 year old in Delhi. It is tragic. That is the age group that I belong to. To think of one of our own having gone through an experience like that is heartbreaking. I will never understand what can urge a human being to let go of all humanity within oneself and commit to something so heinous.

Following the grotesque event, numerous occasions of protests have not been dealt with properly by the government as well. But what they do not seem to understand is that India is sensible. Acts of public protests are not done for kicks. What we lack is the follow through. And that too, in itself, is inevitable. The schools will not be closed forever, offices won’t let their employees to join in the don’t-know-when-it’s-going-to-end struggle for ending corruption and if the college going students, have their way, well, it’ll be a semester long affair with no results, and they’ll still be pumped up for more as long as it means bunking classes. We’ve seen movements led by Anna Hazare fail to accomplish the ultimate goal. The demand for justice by numerous activists among whom, Arvind Kejriwal is probably most heard-of has been convincing but not effective.

Is the government really so thick! Is it really this obstinate and imperviable to the change suggested by them, who have put the government where they are now!

But in all sense of the word, India is changing and India is rising. India WANTS change! The safety of a woman is one of many fights that young India is fighting for and willing to make a stand for. And it has its revolution backed by the social media, the networking and infinite number of platforms using which ‘spirit’ can be put to words, images. And eventually, India will get what it rightly deserves. The fight for ‘freedom’ has never been a one day affair and this is no different. Yes, the revolution may re-flux but it’ll keep coming back, with force greater than ever imagined before. It may take a year, or maybe ten, but the fight for a better tomorrow is a fight that will be fought with all that one has to offer.

Some years down the line, I wish/hope/want to read this blog entry again and feel the difference around me. Change is not an event, it’s a process. And the change in India will take due time to complete it’s course.

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The Idea of ‘Right’

It’s tough to be in a spot from where the world looks nothing but grey. The fine line between the black and the white is seldom ‘fine’, rather, its a mix of everything that you wished was right but isn’t. How often has it happened that you did what you thought was right, but wasn’t really.

However, the whole idea of being right/wrong/neutral – isn’t all of that relative?

Yes! I agree, the society sets the standard that condemns an act as ‘virtuous’ and the other  ‘wicked’. The idea of ‘right’ is debatable. No? If that was not the case, why would someone kill, for the need of it! It’s supposedly right for him/her, right? I’m a big fan of the TV series ‘Dexter‘ and I think the character just rules! (And kicks all kinds of ass). The fact that he’s cleaning up all kinds of trash from the society sounds like he’s the best goddam social worker ever. Again! The idea of ‘right’ is at debate here.

How is it that someone is engineered to have this instinct to kill! And to him/her, the idea of ‘right’ is relatively different to how we believe the society works. This is just an instance where the idea of ‘right’ is being challenged by a individual/group/clan.


I’m a believer in the concept of ‘God’ and the fact that He has made man in his own image is   something that is hard to gulp. How can you flaw an individual to be hated by the society for his personal interpretation of ‘right’. Makes me an atheist sometimes. And I tend not to think beyond this point. Why? I have something to believe in and I don’t mind thanking Someone when things go right and ask for strength in the time of trial. Helps me grow. Helps me stay mortal.


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Social Networks & Us & Our Privacy

As we enter a new era marked by social networking, the importance of security and privacy of information has risen exponentially.
Privacy – Ah! How safe it sounds. How it allows you to sleep comfortably at night (and for most geeks than jocks, during the day). But, is ‘safe’ the right word to describe the current sphere of social networking? I doubt it. Present day social networks believe in the equality of all those that are a part of your network. One of the underlying principles of the same is sharing. The amount of privacy offered on social networking sites which thrive on the concept of sharing is highly debatable. Since the whole foundation of such an industry is to share with others to the maximum possible extent, privacy inevitably takes a backseat. Share as much as you can, as much as you can possibly imagine, with no strings attached, create your digital self and assign it a username and protect it with a password. Protect what’s not yours. Yes, you heard it right. The data is not yours, if not ethically, then legally for sure. And though “it’s complicated” as to who really does own that data, in almost all the cases, it’s not you for sure!

  • Data meant to be private should remain private!
  • Data meant to be shared, should be shared.
  • Data meant to be shared with specific people should be shared with specific people.
The three mantras are worthy of a mention and are the basic philosophy that should be followed in practice for any social networking site.
How often does one read the terms and conditions for an iPhone app before downloading? How often does one read the EULA (End User License Agreement) before investing in a cloud computing vendor? As end user security is compromised using fine print, privacy is no longer personalized. Or is it? Behold the arrival of a new era of social networking where you’re sold what you’re being told!
MyCube, the vanguard of this new era, is a Singapore based startup, and underlines the importance of privacy, ownership and control, by offering the end user an opportunity to share information across the web, but also offers them complete control of whom to share it with, when and on what terms.  It stands firmly in the belief of the user being the proprietor of his/her data. No one but the user shall have the privilege of deciding the terms and conditions for the data he/she shares. (Sounds like sense to me!) This is in fact very logical. As information is mined off these websites to generate customized advertisements for revenue, the security risks being posed are far higher than we can imagine. Big social networking giants mine data from a user’s profile, which is in many cases is sold to an advertising firm compromising the ownership of the data. After all, an organization is making money on the basis of information that a user uploads on his/her profile is unethical and downright wrong.
Information today is freely available. Critical information shouldn’t be, unless, the author wants it to be. Here at MyCube, anyone who’s anyone can share personal data, be it pictures, videos, articles etc., give it away for free or charge for it in terms of ‘cubes’. And the user can attach payment values as low as a cent– this payment technique devised by the MyCube developers is termed ‘nano-payment’.  And there you go, the onus of sharing and its extent of visibility becomes the responsibility of the owner and this allows strict monitoring of the information by the owner. This novel idea effectively negates most of the prominent issues regarding the security and privacy of information and could well be the way of the future. TnC coupled with digital monetization is a step ahead for assurance of being secured. With MyCube ‘privacy’ shall mean privacy again.
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The Extended Weekend

Never though it would be this much fun, never thought this nostalgia will come knocking ‘this’ door. But it happened and I want to make this official by writing it down here, so that we read, remember and whenever and that is if, we forget read again and again and love the ‘love’ we shared.

Day 1 – Jul 24-Jul 25 : Yes, Day was two days. heehee..sounds funny but is true. Nandi hill started off at 03:30 am in the morning. With the better part of the day spent sleeping. Nandi Hills – The paramount of the trip. Man it was freakin’ chilly. Had an awesome time with the rain, the clouds, the loving company. Later the same night, we were joined by the duo – Franky & Shilpz.

Day 2 – Jul 26 : Monday : ‘Baba’ bought this amazing looking stud shoes. Great thing being he bought another for his dad. Now that’s awesome. Sad that he lost and was the lowest scorer in the amazing bowling sessions we had at amoeba. DDR declared me and Appu as legends. I still don’t get it how my bhangra did the trick. ZeroG was a surprise with only we 10 at the dance floor, we had it exclusive 😉 Getting caught was never this fun. With an attitude like Franky’s, the bouncer stepped short of chucking out of the club. Head-banging was never this fun. The only glitch was us missing Lasagne at ‘The Only Place’ 😦

Day 3 – Jul 27 : Tuesday : Wonderla babey! What else can say apart from the fact that, it made Vish’s & mine fever turn the other way round on the thermometer. It started off from 101, slid down to 100 after the first ride, and normal after the second. What better way to end the day then to head to the ‘kohinoor’ restaurant for the showdown of mouth-watering food. The settlement session was headed by our very own ‘Randi-Orton’ – who is now our official

Day 4 – Jul 28 : Wednesday : Nostalgia – The ‘love’, the ‘brotherhood’, the ‘company’, the ‘sharing’, the ‘laughter’, the ‘crying’, the ‘fighting’, the ‘running’, the ‘screaming’, the ‘enjoyment’, the 4-days is making me write this. I love you guys. I love you all. Missing you all.

Randi Orton

The New Kid In The block! –

Came across this website called and its been a surprisingly nice ‘finding’. What more can you wish for when you’re at your wit’s end hoping to get that one thing you’ve been craving for, well, roopit is the solution to your problems. Its indeed a pain to go through classifieds, instead how about an electronic version where they let you go through tagged items of interest. Give the seller a call, if you like what you see and bam! there you are, all done, its as simple as that! The only thing missing in the venture is the fact that its local, because the site has immense potential to go national and even global. I’m sure its on Shivku’s things-to-do list. For all those who don’t know him, Shivku is the founder of He’s been previously involved with Yahoo! & Flipkart. Where everyone knows the former, the latter is quite a successful venture in itself.
With this I wish the roopit team best wishes.

Blood & The Smiley Ball

Our college has these periodical arrangements for blood donation camps, as if, they themselves don’t suck it enough. Well, I’m not a big fan of ‘blood’, looks good on the TV, sounds cool when you’re hearing gunshots, but the real story is something different. Still, with the pure intention of bunking the class and a tiny inner gleam of community work, I set off for the mission to donate blood. The proceedings followed the usual and before I knew it, my veins (or arteries, whatever) were pumping blood out of my hand through a needle that was IN me, and as if to mock me, “the-modern-vampire-blood-suckers” aka the Doctors gave me a ball with a smiley on it to squeeze to keep the flow continous, I didn’t get this, I didn’t understand what was the hurry about? I mean, I was there, I had no intention of going back to the stupid-boring-lecture, why was the ball required??
Ironical enough, blood was being sucked away from my body as that useless Smiley-Ball started me straight into the eye. What all stuff you’ve gotta do to bunk a lecture.
Peace Out!
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