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It’s No Rocket Science, Not a Bike Ride Either

Drink your drink right! – This is probably the one thing that is not appreciated enough when it comes to the idea of having a fine drink. I myself was ignorant about the means of the sophisticated when I had my first glass in my hand. It is definitely not rocket science, you need not be pro to appreciate the beauty, taste and feel of a soulful drink. It is however, not a bike ride either, a drink gulped in one go is demeaning its existence.

The Original

I have done my research and found people who know what they are doing and here are my finds,

Holster the Drink – Pour at least 1-1.5 ounce of scotch into the glass. Swirl it. Feel the power in your hand.

Feel the Aroma – Feeling the Aroma is feeling the essence of the drink. Our olfactory senses are given quite the treat with a fine glass of Black Dog Scotch Whisky. Concentrate on the smells and pick out individual aromas. Give the glass an occasional swirl or two as it helps release more of those volatile compounds that make your drink perfect.

The First Sip – Sip in a small amount at first, only enough to cover your tongue. Hold the whisky in your mouth for a while till it stops burning on your tongue and you feel the sweetness underneath. Swirl it around your mouth, making sure to feel the divinity in the spirit. After you are done figuring out the individual flavors, swallow.

Source - passey.info

Source – passey.info

Feel the ‘Finish’ – Gulping down Scotch immediately leave a burning sensation in the mouth. One must be patient and let the drink linger in the mouth for a while. It goes down ‘smooth’ – without burning your throat. Sip. Breathe, breathe a lot, as you will start to realise the flavors that remain on your tongue, gums, and the walls of your mouth. This is the ‘finish’, and can last anywhere from a few seconds to several hours. This is where there is a transition from smelling the drink, to tasting the aromas.


The next time you decide to have a drink of India’s finest International Scotch Whisky, the Black Dog, remember these points and dwell into the luxury of the moment. Share these tips as well to those, who are missing out.

Disclaimer – The content is meant only for people above the age of 25. All views and mentions here are personal.



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An Evening Well Spent

An Evening well spent.

Last night was a surprise. My friends from college dropped by to my place and convinced me to relive our crazy Friday nights, so I obliged. Now, to understand why my friends are down-right crazy, I must tell you an instance. A couple of years back, we were just hanging out and one of us suggested we go to a karaoke bar and sing our hearts out. But Bangalore has a policy of closing everything down by 1100 PM and it was 0930 PM already. With horrible traffic conditions and the nearest karaoke place on the other end of the city, there was hardly any point for us in trying. So what do you do, when you can’t go for karaoke…? You create a Karaoke bar at your own place!

We rented out a projector in the nick of time and set up playlists, get the karaoke lyrics, set up the sound system, noise proof the walls and set up the ambience  The bar was set with our favourite of all time, Black Dog Scotch Whisky. We had all the variations but I have personally always liked and preferred the 18-year-old Reserve version.


So we had Beatles ‘Hey Jude’ playing in the background with everyone pitching in and Black Dog to give us the best of the company. It was an apt set up as this was the last time all of us were together. Times change remarkably, people come and go, jobs change, but I keep my drink the same because honestly, I haven’t found a better drink yet if there is such a thing.

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